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Miqan Salt Lake and Salt Desert

Miqan Lake is placed to the northeast of Arak and is the final point of the water basin for Arak which absorbs the surface water of the seasonal flood canals. The area of the Miqan Lake is between 100-110 square kilometers. In winters the weather is moderate, that is why, many migrant birds com to this lake from colder regions. In the past this lake was named as the Farahan Salt Marsh.

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Coswyn Barn

Nakhjir Cave

Chāl Nakhjir is excellent in having sedimentary forms and dolomite structures. Crystal spongy forms and prisms, coral-like gardens, corridors, terraces and ponds give the cave a especial beauty and make it unique among lime caves. 
There are many deep valleys. The reflection of light of crystal prisms along with different sizes of stalactites and stalagmites and other features of cave floor create an image in the mind of viewers as if they are seeing coral gardens. The floor are covered with white dolomite sediments and lime crystals. 
Nakhjir is accessible all the time of year. The landscape of plains in vicinity is enchanting. Service facilities are provided for tourists.


At a glance

  • Location:
  • Narāgh
  • discovered in:
  • 1989
  • main Route Deep:
  • 8-12Km
  • Main Feature
  • Thin layers of crystal hanging from the ceiling and walls

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Ābgarm hot mineral water spring

Ābgarm hot mineral water spring is northeast of Mahallāt. It is a series of mineral water spring with a temperature of at least 50o C. It flows from slopes of Khurzan Mountain with the height of 1,635 meters. The water is combined with calcimine sulfate, nitrogen and especially sulfur gasses. It has medical benefits for hepatic, renal, bilious and digestive diseases. It is also believed to be beneficial for gout. Ābgarm complex is well-equipped to ease visitors. It is 25 kilometers to Mahallāt.


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Vafs Village

is determined as the target village and sample tourism center of the district. It is situated in 15 kilometers northeast of Komijān. The village is abundant with gardens. The narrow winding lanes in-between gardens and orchards are fascinating. The village lies on the slopes of high mountains and is 2,200 meters above sea level. The climate is mountainous and temperate. There are ancient shrines of a number of descendants of Imām Ali– the first leader of Shiite Muslims. Vafs has the potentiality to become a center for winter sports. The people speak in Tāti. The village has kept its historical architectural context.


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Anjedan Village

Anjedan is one of the environs of Arak district, 32 kilometers southeastwards Arak city. The village borders with Cheshmeh and Barf Shah Mountains in east.  There are a series of caves in Anjedan, including Aseyfi, Milanun or Kolucheh, Tagh Recheh, Giveh Kish and Shoghal Darreh. There are many springs in and out of Anjedan, including Absard spring in a valley with the same name. Cheshmeh Fazl-Ali and Chaman Darreh are situated in Darre Bid, with high walnut and almond trees.They are architecturally significant. The shrine of Chehel Dokhtran (Forty Girls) is built in Safavid period by Ismailite Shiites.


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