At the meeting the governor of Markazi and ambassador to Switzerland ways to develop bilateral cooperation was examined

Julio Haz resident ambassador to Switzerland this morning attended a meeting of members of the Chamber of Commerce, corporate executives, activists and state economic organization which was held at the governor, capacity development of bilateral cooperation were discussed.

Moqimi central governor pointed to the size and population of the province, said Central Province with about 2,900 industrial units, the fourth industrial state of the country and has a capacity of lead mines, zinc, copper and stone construction.

He pointed to the industrial production of the province and said metal industries, aluminum, glass, cement as well as acoustic and thermal insulation, synthetic fibers, machine building, closed refinery, automobile manufacturing and the production of cars and vans, including production industries of the province.

Resident of the poles of an important agricultural center in the country and said the province in production of wheat, barley, maize, oilseeds and livestock products, poultry, fish, meat and horticultural crops are in good condition.

Central Governor stated: central province of pomegranate and pistachio production of two high specificity and 90% of pistachio and pomegranate province exported 40 per cent.

He continued: city neighborhoods great potential in the production of plants that are exported to countries around the world.

Moqimi said that in the first 5 months of this year 800 thousand dollars have been imported from Switzerland into central province, said the province's exports to Switzerland's relative.

Central Governor said there prepared some provinces, especially in the field of polyester products, petrochemical products, industrial machinery, mud and stone put at risk the export to Switzerland.

He said that in the province there are travertine deposits that can be exported to Switzerland.

Moqimi pointed out: the central province of historical and cultural potentials in the tourism industry, which can also establish more connections with Switzerland.


Central Governor noted that necessary changes in the behavior of European countries and Iran, bringing together ideas and in this case there will be conditions for economic exchange.

Moqimi added more understanding toward Iran hope that Europe will be provided grounds for doing business.

Iran leads.


Julio Haz said trade relations between Iran and Switzerland are among the bright future and today we must move forward and convert our opportunities into success.

Ambassador to Switzerland said Iran's lack of communication and lack of corporate product quality is not lacking in Swiss banks, including factors that are difficult to trade.

His second problem for trade with Iran political issue between Iran and the P5 + 1 as saying: doing business with Iran despite sanctions and the risk of an impediment to communicate Swiss companies to trade with Iran.

Julio Haz said it is necessary to establish a business relationship with Iran variability economic situation and the need for more work to be done to change public opinion in Europe against Iran.

Stating that Iran jewels tourism industry, said the recognition of Europe from Iran has changed since the Swiss tourists from Iran has increased 50 percent.

Swiss ambassador noted that to improve trade relations between Iran and Switzerland are very optimistic and hope in the near future to improve these relations will improve and we will help Iran in that direction.

The Swiss ambassador was welcomed at the beginning of his visit to the central province and the meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and economic entities of the company.

He also historical market Arak, Arak also visited the museum of stone and Hassanpour.

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