Markazi Governor emphasized on expanding economic ties with Germany

Zamani Qomi Markazi Province Governer in meeting with the directors of the Chamber of Commerce Swabia in Bavaria, Germany, which was held at the Markazi Governor government, emphasized on expanding economic relations with Germany.

Markazi Governor said: Fortunately determination Iranian government and nation and complex decision-makers on the development and use of all potentials in this regard.

heavy water, Shrgt wagon Pars, aluminum and engineering company based in the province.

Markazi Governor non-oil exports last year to $ 800 million and added: Markazi province because of large-scale industry can export technical and engineering services including construction of refinery equipment, bridge construction, construction machinery and installations cement action.

He continued: Markazi Province and abilities in the field of mine has a capacity of some of our minerals such as iron, lead and zinc are significant.

When Qomi said Markazi province of agricultural production also has high potential in the field of pomegranates, pistachios, flowers and  the country is a special place.

Markazi Governor said the Markazi Province in the field of Natural Resources and Tourism has many monuments, said: We are in this area can have a joint cooperation with Germany.

Zamani Qomi said that we are interested in developing economic relations with Germany, said the outcome of negotiations with the directors of the Markazi Province Chamber of Commerce, Bavaria, Germany thanks to the will of the two sides.

President Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of Bavarian Swabia Germany in the meeting said the state's share of GDP in Germany last year to 60 billion euros.
Peter Year Frank said the state Bayer, Germany is one of the industrial areas in the country with the 76 Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, 12 rooms in this barren state of their activities.
He said more than half of state industries barren industrial units in small, medium and family-centered that makes up the production of various industries such as automotive parts manufacturing and production of home appliances under the brand Bush acts.
President Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines said Swabia: large companies such as heavy machinery manufacturers trailer and bus Benz also operate in the state of Bayer, Germany.
His trip to the city of Arak to assess their most important objectives of the bilateral cooperation agreement to create and deploy units of energy production from waste, environmental issues, renewable energy and renewable and bilateral cooperation in the field of agricultural water and as he said Iran of Germany has long economic cooperation and strengthening bilateral partnership attachments between the chambers of Commerce, industries and mines Swabia state Bayer Arak is very important.

Meeting with economic experts of Markazi Province, visited the two companies Azarab machinery and Arak, visit the company's management plans for urban and two-day itineraries minerals sodium sulfate other members of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines Swabia Germany at Arak.

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