Markazi Governor emphasized on the development of bilateral relations with the Republic of Tajikistan

Central Governor meets with the Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan morning that the governor was in place, the development of bilateral relations with the Republic of Tajikistan stressed.

Markazi Governor said that the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Tajikistan in terms of culture, civilization and language together and share many of the long friendship between them, and we know Tajikistan as his second country.

He stated: We are interested in the relationship and friendship between the two countries developed sense and control more of our bilateral relations.

Markazi Governor pointed out that the Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan for the third time travel to the Markazi province, said the Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan to develop relationships and taking advantage of the capacity of technical and vocational centers in the Markazi provinces will follow.


giving the country the day.

Markazi Governor noted that Tajikistan to take advantage of training capacities in Markazi Province memorandum of understanding will be concluded and we hope that this small step in the proof of friendship and brotherhood with Tajikistan survey.

When Qomi cultural and historical center of the province and expressed that this province is the cradle More reformers history of Imam Khomeini, the great leader of the Islamic Revolution, Professor account, doctor vast, Mirza Taqi Khan Amir Kabir and that figures of this province alone more than many countries.


Markazi governor said the Markazi province of the rank and great advantages in agriculture and industry in the field of advanced countries is also one of the four provinces that have 3 thousand units of production as well as large factories.

When Qomi said the province's factories such as aluminum, consolidated and Azarab a global brand and an industry panel and in the region are Iran had active role that should be used from this position.

He said to strengthen the province's advantages in the field of history and civilization, attracting tourists and tourism and develop its relations with other countries, including Tajikistan we follow.

Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan N. Imam Zadeh also said that the Markazi Province has many features and capabilities, the development of bilateral cooperation between the two countries and said: We hope that with joint efforts we can achieve the desired results.

He stated: historical, religious and linguistic minorities among the people of the Republic of Tajikistan and Iran that this important work will help to advance.

Zadeh said that Iranian companies are active in Tajikistan today, said Iranian companies are active in four areas of the economy and I hope this cooperation will develop day by day.

Mirza-Zadeh Abdul Salam Deputy Minister of labor and employment, said the people of Tajikistan: learning and familiarity with technology has an important role in creating jobs.


The Director General of Technical and Vocational Education also spoke at the meeting said.

It is noteworthy Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan from 19 to 22 October, guests and visitors of the Markazi Province city of neighborhoods vocational training centers, Stagecoach, Khomeini, Arak and Saveh and visit industrial units of the cities of itineraries Ambassador Tajikistan's Markazi Province.

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