Markazi's Governor emphasized on the development of cooperation with the Republic of South Africa

Zamani Qomi this morning at a meeting attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa emphasized on the development of joint cooperation and promote trade with the Republic of South Africa

Zamani Qomi said: We want to promote trade and import and export with the Republic of South Africa and we know the status quo is not satisfactory.


When Qomi said the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture and industrial institutions will strengthen the committee.

a valuable historical monuments that show and Persian civilization is a great civilization in this region.

He said the Markazi province of the country's fourth-largest industrial hub and has more than 2,600 factories and production units as well as some of the industries including petrochemical plants, refineries, heavy water, machine building, Wagon Pars and more.

When Qomi said the province's agricultural areas in good condition, and more than 600 thousand hectares of land dedicated to the cultivation of a variety of products such as pomegranate, pistachio nuts, wheat, beans, etc, and in talent cultivation and export of flowers they are high in producing all kinds of red and white meat also of great importance in the country.

He pointed out that the province can be a good place to export a variety of products to South Africa, the continued production of Markazi province in more than 40 countries with over a billion dollars in credit to be issued during the Psathrym the coming years will reach $ 2 billion.

Markazi Governor stating that the Ambassador of South Africa in the field of engineering and technical exchanges and trade with the province to take seriously, stated: This is in addition to a variety of products have great potential in export technical and engineering services that can be used to build equipment refineries, cement plants, construction machinery, power plants and all kinds of freight wagons noted.

Stating that Iran's relations with the Republic of South Africa can be promoted in the tourism industry, said: We are trying to develop this industry and we can joint venture with South Africa's tourism industry development and joint work we do.

When Qomi pointed out that the 12th meeting of the joint commission between Iran and South Africa, said: This is a positive step that should be operational agreements to be concluded between our two countries.

Markazi Governor pointed out the commonalities of Iran and South Africa, stated: South Africa years for the emancipation of mankind and humanity from the shackles of apartheid effort in the history of the human spirit still shines and I salute Nelson Mandela's free-spirited.

He continued: tyrants and dictators had dominated our country for years and the Iranian nation under the leadership of Imam Khomeini dictatorship based on the will of the people rebelled and established, so both Iran and South Africa for human emancipation efforts out.

Whitehead said the Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa: South Africa's nuclear power plants and nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is used in this area can be done in the long term cooperation between the two countries.

He said the positive aspects of the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5 + 1 talks with Iran recognition as a state that can peacefully use nuclear energy, and the Republic of South Africa is also supported.

Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa pointed out that the effects of sanctions exchanges between the two countries, said the sanctions that were imposed on the Iranian nation on the South African economy also had an impact because 70 percent of Iran's oil and gas supply was that despite sanctions was forced to use new resources.

Whitehead said about the history of relations between Iran and South Africa have said Africa after the revolution in 1994 opened the first embassy in Tehran and held 12 joint economic commission between Iran and South Africa, which indicates that the the most difficult conditions and sanctions, relations between the two countries has continued.

chemical and organic fertilizers as well as the exchange of the province.

He said a memorandum of understanding between the two countries was signed in the field of agriculture and livestock sector, organic farming and honey that South Africa is in dire need of Iran's capacity can be used.

Whitehead said South Africa's citrus, mining, automotive and .. well capacity that can be exchanges with Iran in this field.

Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa, said the European trade delegations come to Iran, and this should not lead to a long-standing and friendly relations with South Africa's Chamber of Commerce forget.

Whitehead said: Now South Africa has decided to build a refinery in this regard, a group of Iranian Oil Company will pay a visit to our country.

Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa stated: being different seasons between the two countries could exchange for agricultural produce.

Whitehead pointed out: Iran due to economic diversification can regional countries that depend on oil help and also having skilled manpower, scientists and research and development (R & D) can be found in the region and the whole world influence.

The Governor of the Markazi Economic Advisor at the meeting, Director General of the Office for the Coordination of Economic Affairs Governor, Director General of Industry, Mine and Trade and President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture Arak were also present.

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