With Markazi's Governor and Ambassador to the Philippines Exhibition of Economy and mine was opened

The increased use of new technologies for the development and updating of Industry and prepare to enter the global markets are important for Markazi

Moqimi Markazi governor said the use of innovation and new technologies by engineers and technicians in the development and updating of industries in the country.


Mqmyy reiterated the Markazi province of activity in industry, agriculture and services in the country has achieved a good position and with the manufacturing of quality in the market of domestic and foreign will have an ongoing.

Philippine Ambassador also emphasized the role of the Markazi Province in the production of industrial parts, said Markazi province capable of producing industrial components of high standing.

 Edward Menez added that holding such exhibitions is a good opportunity for Asian countries to become familiar with industrial production in the province and receive their required products.

have given.

At the exhibiting companies and factories producing manufacturing industry, mining industry, mining, machinery, equipment, advanced industries, banks and insurance companies, specialized publications, technical services and investment companies of Khorasan, Tehran, there Isfahan and Markazi.

The exhibition continues until 16 December of this year, industrial and mining companies, especially large factories in Markazi Province have shown their abilities.

Commercial and industrial delegation tours, expert meetings and conference, workshops and seminars The exhibition is specialized applications.

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