contact between Iran and Indonesia can provide economic development

Governor of Markazi this morning in meeting with Ambassador of Indonesia's said: communication between merchants Iran and Indonesia can provide economic development.

providing businessmen and trade delegations that travel should also be provided.
He said there ready to send trade delegations from Central Province as one of the important centers of industry and agriculture in Indonesia and to strengthen bilateral economic relations be pursued in earnest. Moqimi added: We hope to get good achievements in this field and technical expertise, products, strengthening the tourism industry and the central province of Indonesia, evaluate and develop.
its own.
Moqimi stated: Indonesia's good to know our people and were very affected when the tsunami happened in this country and all walks of life helping the people of this country was a human task.
He also spoke about the capacities of the Central Province and geographical location of the province's.
Diane Vyrnjvryt also at the meeting, said that Indonesia most needs in its economic relations with Western countries imposed conditions and preconditions provide and unfortunately in many cases creates a sense of bitterness and 98 Aqtsadysal cause of the crisis in this Western countries governance issues that cause it.
He said the Indonesian government policy on replacement without preconditions is Iran's economic partners reliable and effective economic capacity and quality and progress in various sectors can be so active in this area.
to comply with these demands will be placed on developing relations with Indonesia.
Diane Vyrnjvryt continued strengthening of relations between Iran and Indonesia on aggregate common criteria and avoiding conflicts of the world, although media for relying on religious and cultural differences are always looking building.
He added that one of the basic needs of Indonesia in the field of petrochemical products, plastics product range and development of power plant capacity and energy that my two-day visit to the central province became clear that the province is strong in these areas.
Indonesia's ambassador reminded the country of Indonesia in the field of tea and coffee, paper products, auto parts, agricultural products and natural resources and tourism is very rich and active and confirm if required, merchants can's Central Province benefit.
He called for more cooperation aviation organization of Iran to establish regular flights between Iran, Jeddah and Jakarta in tourism development and strengthening of bilateral economic relations between the two countries.
The Ambassador of Indonesia and Diane Vyrnjvryt delegation yesterday visited the central province and the province's industry and bits of history of Imam Khomeini (RA) also visited.


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