joint cooperation between Central Province and Somalia were reviewd

Afshon attended by the deputy governor and ambassador to Somalia and international economic coordination meeting of the Working Group on the development of non-oil exports, ways of expanding cooperation between Central Province and Somalia were studied.

Afshvn Deputy Governor and international economic coordination according to the capacity of the Markazi province, said the province will be an important part of the services required to meet Somalia.
He stated: Somalia in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry has good potential that the private sector could contribute, particularly in the agricultural sector with Somalia.
Afshvn said Somalia if security can provide investors can establish good cooperation with this country.
counting and submit to the boards can be placed in the Markazi province travel and attract investment in the province provided.
Khalif Kdyh Moses said at the meeting the Ambassador of Somalia: Somalia and the Markazi province in which the activity takes place, including in agriculture, animal husbandry, industry and tourism are a lot of similarities.
He stated: Somalia has the largest beach and can be more than 2 million tons of fish were caught, the agricultural sector has about 8 million hectares of arable land and livestock sector also has more than 60 million livestock.
Somali ambassador said the country is able to extract oil and gas from land and sea to extract them support and development needs.
Somali ambassador said that currently there is security in Somalia and the army and police and security forces are trying to establish security in the country.

Somali ambassador said Somalia needs a new agricultural technology transfer, provision of agricultural machinery, veterinarians and veterinary clinics set up at airports and ports and cooperation in these fields are welcome.
Somali ambassador noted that the country is a net economy of the African continent and in the case of the Islamic Republic of Iran's relations with this country of 500 million people can benefit from the services and products of Iran.
At the meeting, Mohammad Khyrvmhmd Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Abdul Qadir Mohammed Somalia and the Somali Embassy's cultural attaché in Tehran were also present.
It should be noted at the meeting with Director General of Industry, Mine and Trade said in a speech to members of the Working Group on the development of non-oil exports also began to express their opinions.
It is noteworthy presence in the city Khomeini's ambassador to Somalia to visit industrial and agricultural capacity of the city of Beit He also visited Imam Khomeini's historic collections Pasargad Oil Refinery Imam Khomeini visited mentioned.

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