with Markazi Governor and Ambassador to the Philippines ways to develop bilateral relations were reviewed

With the participation of residents and Edward Munoz morning in the province of Governor's Export Development working group meeting was held, examined ways to develop bilateral relations.

Moqimi Markazi governor pointed to the population of the province, said the province, the provincial industry that its 12-city, four city of Arak, Saveh, Zarandieh and industrial stagecoach.

He said about 3,000 plant in the Markazi province, the country's fourth-largest industrial region and has a capacity of lead mines, zinc, copper and stone construction.

He said the province has a capacity of manufacturing automobiles, cement, industrial machinery, passenger and freight cars, as well as the food industry is that production plants can be placed at the disposal of the Filipino people.

Resident of the poles of an important agricultural center in the country and said the province is in good condition and in agriculture due to its proximity to the capital Tehran province allows for easy transfer of goods there.

Markazi Governor pointed out that Imam Khomeini (RA) and school where they were studying in the city Khomeini expressed that the Markazi region has many historical and religious sites that can be considered in the context of tourism industry place.

Stating that trade and commercial exchanges between Iran and the Philippines ceiling is not very high, said of our country to the Philippines minerals, petroleum and imported oil to be exported and banana.

Moqimi pointed out that in specific areas including the Markazi province of Saveh and Zarandieh possible joint venture there, said there ready to connect more of our tourism and agricultural products such as pomegranate and pistachio nuts, dairy products, base oil and bitumen, glass, polyester and machinery, combines and construction of industrial facilities in the Philippines issue.

Governor of the Markazi Exhibition of the Philippine mining industry ambassador to provide a good opportunity and introduce products and the producing provinces and said: I hope in economic issues with the Philippines can achieve the desired results.

Philippine Ambassador also said that the Philippines has a population of 100 million people, mostly young people up to the country's economic situation in recent years has been tremendous.

Edward Manz said the Philippines economy of Iran's economy is different, but parallel directions in the field of agriculture is farming in the Philippines also play an important role in the economy of this country.

He pointed out that the Philippines is a tropical country and tropical agricultural products, said the country has four seasons, which makes agricultural products of the country have diversity and to the Philippines can be a good market for agricultural products of.

Philippine Ambassador expressed that our country, like Iran and most of our industries, small and medium industries and small and medium industries in Iran there is a high percentage that is an advantage for the development of cooperation between the two countries and Iran could create heavy industry such as power plants and heavy machinery to help us.

Edward Menez his visit to the Markazi province as a good opportunity for the economic development of the two countries and said the two countries work together if traders are more relevant to business will be more common.

Philippine Ambassador stated purpose of the trip is familiar with the capabilities of the Markazi province to promote commercial relations and in the coming months, high-ranking economic delegation of Filipino businessmen to discuss investment in Iran will travel to Tehran and will meet the Markazi Province authorities are also invited to be present at the meeting.

Menez said a trade delegation of Iran and the Philippines also contribute to the development of economic and industrial relations between the two countries will help to expand the tourism industry.

He pointed out that the Islamic Republic of Iran is also believed to boost the tourism industry and the priorities it has set, stated: Another my goals on this trip to promote cooperation in the field of tourism are that the increase of understanding of the the two countries can help achieve this.

The capabilities of the company at the opening of the exhibition industry, visit AzarAb city and meeting with industrialists in the IT services business of the most important program of work, the Philippine ambassador in his two-day visit to the Markazi Province.

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